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Mr. Bolster
Grade 3/4

We, the 4th and 5th Grade will get to know and love
Jesus as we pursue personal and academic excellence
to the greater glory of God the Father in the power of the
Holy Spirit.

We, the 7/8grade class of St. Patrick School,
strive to emulate our religious and academic leaders
by applying our Catholic faith and knowledge in our
everyday lives.  In doing so, we will serve as role
models for others St. Patrick Students and live as
disciples of Jesus Christ.   
Grade 5/6

We, the creative, hard-working, faithful 6th grade class,
serve God by humbly helping others grow in our
community.  We do this by applying knowledge with
Grade 1/2

We the students of grade 2/3 are followers
of Jesus, we love to learn, and we help

Kindergarten class, promise to become
good learners by:
•        Living our Catholic Faith and being nice
•        Helping others
•        Being the best students we can be so
we can learn as much as possible.
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