St. Patrick School History
Our parish community celebrates 169 years since the beginning of
Catholic Education in what was then known as the Stony Creek
Settlement.   In 1848, under the leadership of Father Egidius
Smulders, an attempt was made to establish a Catholic school.  His
success was noted in our early history books by explaining that the
old log church was used for school purposes and would be another
twenty years before Stony Creek Settlement was transformed into St.
Patrick Parish with a fine brick church.  

A new structure which included the Sister' swelling as the central
part was flanked on both sides by a large wing for classrooms.  On
January  29, 1868, the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, three IHM sisters,
Sr. M. Ignatia, Sr. M. Clara, and Sr. M. Zita arrived to settle into their
mission home dedicated to St. Francis de Sales.  The IHM presence
continued in our community until 1994 when kindergarten teacher,
Sr. Marge Fogarty, completer her teaching assignment at St. Patrick

During the 2008 -2009 school year, students and staff will study
about the early settlers of Stony Creek and the many historical
happenings that have occurred in our community.  Students will also
study their own family heritage and compile family stories to share
with the community.  Alumni, parish members and celebrating
today's successes of Catholic education in our parish are invited to
join us in a variety of activities.

Today, St. Patrick School and its staff have evolved to a spacious
campus with five buildings serving Preschool 3yr olds and 4yr olds
through the 8th grade.   The growth of a diverse group of educators
and support staff have made the school successful.  

Today, St. Patrick School continues to build upon its rich history and
it looks to the future with a vision for excellence to meet the needs of
families for tomorrow.   The vision is coupled with a commitment to
the formation of individual talents and gifts in a Catholic-Christian

That's our tradition.

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